Carol Howard Donati

“Carol Howard Donati is a multidisciplinary artist working with fabric, paint, print, and recycled household materials. A signature aspect of her work is the incorporation of cast- off items from our daily lives, a process she defines as both transformative and political. Howard Donati recycles paper, plastic, household fabrics, clip tags, and discarded packaging as base material and embellishment, contrasting the human-made with organic forms to reflect our daily habits and provoke awareness.”

Works by Carol Howard Donati in the Transient Exhibition

Human Ecology
Commercial protection suit, paint, plastic, paper

As an anthropologist, Donati focuses on the daily human experience. Human Ecology utilizes recycled materials to create natural forms. Contrasting the human-made with the organic, this work invites viewers to rethink their consumer habits. Human Ecology questions the protection of species as they are impacted by our industrial society.