David McDougall

“Through image, scale and materiality the work experiments with the three concepts of the seed, time capsule and tomb, juxtaposing their interconnections and differences. A seed stores future genetic information, it is the engine of living systems. A tomb on the other hand, is a monument to what we have lost. A time capsule is a perverse mixture of these two concepts. Buried in the ground traveling into the future at the rate of one second per second, and often lost to history entirely, the time capsule promises to communicate and preserve culture for future generations. It is however, culture itself, and the social technologies we create, that are the wellspring of our legacies. We too often confuse the time capsule with the seed, and thus promulgate our societal and ecological values from a standpoint of technological hubris, rather than from meaningful policies of preservation and growth.”

Works by David McDougall in the Transient Exhibition

Time Capsule for Transporting a Fallen Ash Tree into the Future 
Acrylic, foam, plastic

This work embodies the concept of the seed, time capsule, and tomb. The seed presents notions of the future, while the tomb is an expression of loss. The time capsule represents a mixture of the two, as a container that promises to preserve culture. The desire to intertwine the seed with the time capsule mixes natural growth with the arrogance of human technological evolution.